Aaron Wallace Dishes on Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show

Elisa Goldman interviewing Aaron Wallace.

JeniLynn Knopp interviews Aaron Wallace. Note the copy of Hidden Mickeys in the upper left-hand corner.

Aaron Wallace, author of The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World, shared some insight into the inspiration behind his book in an interview with JeniLynn Knopp for Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show.

In writing the book, Aaron said he wanted to treat the theme park rides the same way as works of art. “We look at film and literature as works of art… why can’t we look at theme park rides the same way?

“You love something more when you know more about it … I believe you learn to love something so much more and appreciate it on a deeper level when you know more about it.” He challenges people who already love the attractions to dig deeper and ask why they love them… what is it that resonates on a deeper level?

Aaron also looks beyond the superficially saccharine nature of “it’s a small world,” which, he said, uses techniques of hypnosis to achieve an altered level of consciousness and to impart this bold racial racial message — it’s an optimistic  look at the the way the world existed at the time – 1964 – and how the world might change, then linking it to today’s sociopolitical climate. “It all comes together,” he says.

The complete interview can be found here.


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