Adelle and Ron Milavsky

Adelle and Ron Milavsky have been traveling together for 50 years. They met as students – she in high school and he in college – and married shortly after his college graduation in 1955. They raised two children and have two grandchildren.

The Milavskys began camping on the water in “a little boat” and gradually traded up to an antique cabin cruiser. Taking virtually all their vacations on the boat for many years, they developed the habit of going their own way – which is the essence of RV travel. Later, they took traditional trips in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the Far East, staying in hotels and renting cars. Buying their own RV a few years ago freed them to go their own way once again, spending the time to explore in depth whatever catches their fancy along the way—including all the local food markets. “Traveling with your own kitchen means you can eat like a local,” Adelle notes.

Adelle holds an Associates Degree from Hartford Junior College in Hartford, Connecticut. She has been a homemaker, jewelry designer, and active volunteer in her community, serving for seven years on the Executive Board of the Auxiliary of Windham Community Memorial Hospital in Willimantic, Connecticut.

Ron holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York City. He was Vice President of News & Social Research for NBC for many years, and Professor of Mass Communications for the University of Connecticut from 1989 to 1996. While still with NBC, he co-wrote Television and Aggression: A Panel Study (New York: Academic Press, 1982), which looks at the relationship between violence and TV content. He is a member and Past President of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.

Adelle and Ron toured the U.S. in their 21.5-foot RV in 2001 before touring continental Europe for 77 days in 2002 and the United Kingdom for 83 days in 2003. They kept their RV in storage in 2004 while they wrote Take Your RV to Europe, but went back on the road for another three months in the summer of 2005 (visiting the Benelux countries, France, Germany and Italy), ten weeks in France and England in 2006, and eight weeks in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Aachen, Germany in spring and early summer of 2008. Visit their website for the latest updates, for photos from their travels, and their “Letters from the Road.”

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