America’s Best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans and Families

America’s Best Zoos:
A Travel Guide for Fans and Families
by Allen W. Nyhuis and Jon Wassner
ISBN: 978-1-887140-76-8
320 pages • 6″ x 9″
110 b/w photos • 7 maps
Glossary • Animal Index
Trade paperback original
Printed in the U.S.A.
List Price $15.95


Make Any Vacation Exotic: Head for a Zoo

America’s 60 Best Zoos Prove that all zoos are NOT alike

Relatively few animal-lovers visit zoos when they travel. Yet America’s 60 best zoos prove that all zoos are NOT alike—and animal lovers who skip a visit are missing an extraordinary excursion into the exotic.

Zoo aficionados Allen W. Nyhuis and Jon Wassner take you on a tour of the top 60 U.S. zoos. In each, they call out not-to-be-missed exhibits and point out the animals you’ll find in few (or no) other American zoos — like the small shaggy Andean mountain tapirs found in only three zoos: Los Angeles Zoo, San Francisco Zoo, and Colorado Springs’ Cheyenne Mountain Zoological Park.

Not only do each of America’s best zoos exhibit both rare and popular animals, they also place them in highly creative, animal-friendly exhibits. American zoos have spent more than $1 billion on upgrades and improvements in the last ten years. As a result, visitors will experience the animals in their natural environments, without intervening bars and, thanks to modern technology such as tiny cameras, they’ll be able to see them even when they are immersed in thick foliage or sleeping in their dens. You’ll find family-friendly tips, brief writeups of the “best of the best,” and profiles of the lesser-known animals and where to find them.

If you’ve ever spent even one fun day at a zoo—as a child, as a parent, or by yourself—you’ll find America’s Best Zoos provides a lifetime of special opportunities.

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