Disney Cruise Lines Overrun With Mice


Hidden Mickeys Go to Sea:
A Field Guide to the Disney Cruise Line®’s
Best Kept Secrets, 3rd
by Steven M. Barrett

Published: March 2015

ISBN: 978-1-937011-44-4

120 pages   4″ x 9″
Index to Mickey’s Hiding Places
Trade paperback original
Printed in the U.S.A.

List price: $10.95

Disney Cruise Lines Overrun With Mice (the cute kind)

New Book Has Cruisers Crying Out “Ahoy There, Mickey!”

PORT CANAVERAL, FL (March 2015) — Mice in your cabin? That could be cause for celebration if you’re cruising on one of Disney Cruise Line’s four ships. These luxury vessels are virtually full of mice — and we don’t mean the furry scurrying kind.

The staterooms and public spaces of every Disney ship are home to scores of “hidden Mickeys” — partial or complete images of Mickey Mouse that Disney “Imagineers” have designed to blend into their surroundings in such a way that their presence is not immediately obvious. Why? To give passengers the fun of finding them!

Now Steve Barrett adds to that fun with a revised and expanded edition of Hidden Mickeys Go to Sea ($10.95, The Intrepid Traveler), his field guide in scavenger-hunt format to hidden Mickeys on the Disney ships and Castaway Cay, Disney’s private Bahamian island playground.

The new edition — a guide to almost 400 hidden Mickeys in all — adds hidden Mickey hunts for all the Disney ships, the newly renovated Magic, the newer Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the Wonder, and Castaway Cay.

Complete with Clues, Hints — some Mickeys are amazingly hard to find — and points to be scored, Hidden Mickeys Go to Sea also includes an Index to Mickey’s Hiding Places, so that passengers can search for Mickey wherever they find themselves onboard or on the island.

Barrett has spent the last ten years searching out hidden Mickeys throughout the Disney parks and cruise ships, documenting the results in a popular series of books, and sharing the thrill of the hunt on his website, HiddenMickeyGuy.com.

“Hidden Mickey mania is contagious,” says Barrett. “Searching for them has escalated into a bona fide vacation mission for many Disney fans, in the parks and on the cruise ships. Even beginners have happened upon a new, unreported Mickey or two.”

The third edition of Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea is the latest in Barrett’s hidden Mickeys coverage. He’s also the author of Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets, now in its sixth edition, and Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys, now in its fourth edition, which covers hidden Mickeys in the Disneyland Resort. All three guides are published by The Intrepid Traveler, Branford, CT, and are available nationwide in bookstores, online stores, and directly from the publisher.


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