Over 1,250 Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World

HM7-smHidden Mickeys:
A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets,
7th edition
by Steven M. Barrett
Published: June 2015
ISBN: 978-1-937011-46-8
320 pages   4″ x 9″
5 maps   Index to Mickey’s Hiding Places
Trade paperback original
Printed in the U.S.A.

List Price $13.95

Over 1,250 Hidden Mickeys Uncovered
at Walt Disney World

(Orlando, FL – June 1, 2015) How many Hidden Mickeys are lurking at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida? Steven M. Barrett, known to legions of Disney buffs as “Hidden Mickey Guy” has just documented over 1,250 of the elusive images, including many  in the New Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom.

Hidden Mickeys are partial or complete images of Mickey Mouse that Disney’s “Imagineers” have designed to blend into their surroundings in such a way that their presence is not immediately obvious.

Barrett is celebrating the 1,250 Mickey milestone with a new seventh edition of his best-selling book, Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney’s World Best Kept Secrets (The Intrepid Traveler, $13.95).

Barrett, a self-confessed Disney fanatic, has been searching for Hidden Mickeys for over ten years and documenting his explorations in the Hidden Mickeys series. Each edition brings more sightings of the elusive mouse to light. The 1,250-plus Mickeys in latest edition of the book represent a three-fold increase since the first edition appeared in 2003.

Searching for Hidden Mickeys is always a work in progress. Old Hidden Mickeys will disappear when attractions are closed or remodeled, but Disney’s Imagineers, the people who design and build the attractions, resorts and entertainment venues, are adding new ones all the time to keep devotees on their toes. And Barrett is hot on their trail.

Adding to the fun, Barrett has designed his Hidden Mickeys guides as scavenger hunts with an optional scoring system. You are given cryptic clues that point to Mickey’s hiding places, and then offered more detailed hints if you get stuck. In the WDW book, for example, there are hunts for each theme park plus a hunt for the resort hotels and another hunt that covers the rest of WDW. In addition, there’s an Index to Mickey’s Hiding Places to let you hunt wherever you happen to be in Mickey’s magical realm.

Earlier in 2015, Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea (3rd edition) was updated and the fifth edition of Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys (5th edition) will be published in August 2015.

In the Walt Disney World theme parks, it’s not unusual these days to see families and groups of friends, Barrett’s book in hand, fanning out to compete in spotting the most Hidden Mickeys. Many of them spot new Hidden Mickeys as well, which they report to Barrett, who meticulously records and verifies their sightings, separating the merely “wishful thinking” from the genuine article. The new edition of his book, in true scholarly fashion, acknowledges nearly 1,500 fellow hunters for their contributions to the effort.

“Hidden Mickey mania is contagious,” says Barrett. “Searching for them has escalated into a bona fide vacation mission for many Walt Disney World fans. Even beginners have happened upon a new, unreported Mickey or two.”

Hidden Mickeys is available in the Walt Disney World theme parks and at bookstores everywhere. Barrett maintains a site where visitors can report sightings of new or suspected Hidden Mickeys. The address is

In the meantime, read What People Are Saying about the new edition of Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney’s World Best Kept Secrets.

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