Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World


Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World
by Meredith Lyn Pierce
Published: April 2013
ISBN: 978-1-937011-25-3
331 pages   4″ x 9″
Trade paperback original
Printed in the U.S.A.

List price $14.95 


No More Cranky Kids at Walt Disney World

Here’s a sure way to enjoy the magic before the rides

Hanging from the railing. Spinning in circles. Hopping, fidgeting, wanting a drink, wanting a snack—all the while inching ever closer to fun. Every parent who takes their child to a theme park knows the moment when that child—like Jekyll to Hyde—changes from happy-excited kid to bored-whiney kid every time they get into another line.

Few visitors realize that Disney has gone to a lot of trouble to make its lines interesting and entertaining. Now Meredith Lyn Pierce comes to every parent’s rescue with Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World, a step-by-step guide that transforms every ride queue in the Walt Disney World theme parks into a series of games.

Challenging questions. Visual and audio treasure hunts. Kids and their grown-ups will stay happily immersed in the Disney magic as they move toward the rides. To add to the fun, players earn one point for every correct answer they pick (they’re multiple choice) and a point for every treasure they spot.

Finally, someone puts an end to Cranky Kids in Line. And as Meredith knows, smiling kids make happy parents!

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