Lou Mongello

Lou Mongello (aka Louis A.) has been fascinated by the Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) since his first visit at the age of three, when WDW and the Magic Kingdom were just over a month old. Since then, he has visited on dozens of occasions, each one more enjoyable than the last. He has also endeavored to learn everything he can about this magical place, assembling a vast array of Walt Disney World memorabilia in the process. His ever-growing collection includes rare documents outlining Walt Disney’s original plans for his Florida project, books, articles, photos, videos, park merchandise from days gone by, and almost anything with the words “Walt Disney World” on it. Every visit continues to be a learning experience for him, as his passion for WDW parallels his desire to learn more about it.

By sharing his “useless knowledge” of WDW’s history, secrets, and treasures with you in The Walt Disney World Trivia Book and The Walt Disney World Trivia Book Volume 2, Lou hopes his books will add extra magic to your own visits, as well as bring the magic home for you. He believes that you will have as much fun reading the books as he did researching and writing them. He also hopes that they will spark your interest in what makes the magic really happen.

Lou’s other interests include poker, computers, travel, and just spending time with family. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Villanova University and received a Juris Doctor from Seton Hall University School of Law in 1994. After serving as law clerk to the Presiding Judge of the largest vicinage in the nation, he practiced law actively for nine years. During that time, he formed and managed a computer consulting and web development firm for small businesses. Later, he became the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Operations for medical imaging centers located throughout New Jersey. Today, he is enjoying the Disney fanatic’s dream—living near Walt Disney World with his wife and two children and making his living in Disney-related enterprise.

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