Newest Hidden Mickeys Book Documents 1,200 Images

hm6If there are new Hidden Mickeys to to be found anywhere – at Disneyland, at Sea, and now at Walt Disney World – Steve Barrett will find them.

The sixth edition of Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets is now in our hands, full of Hidden Mickeys to be discovered, more than 1,200! That’s three times as many as when the first edition was published 10 years ago.

Hidden Mickeys, Walt Disney World (for short) joins newly revised Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea (2nd edition) and Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys (4th edition), which have about 750 Hidden Mickeys between them

There’s always something new in the Hidden Mickeys books. Searching for them is a work in progress since old ones disappear when attractions are closed or remodeled and new ones are added to keep fans on their toes.

As devoted as Steve is to the hunt, he doesn’t work alone. In the sixth edition, he acknowledges nearly 1,500 “assistants” for their contributions.

To “test-drive” your own Hidden Mickeys hunt, we’re offering a free excerpt. Then order the book; it’s just $8.37!


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