What People Are Saying About… Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland

By Meredith Lyn Pierce

LTD2nd-smallWhat’s Going on in Heidi’s Head – Heidi Strawser
I love this book! … I know that my kids (and, yes, me too) would love doing the quizzes and treasure hunts while we find ourselves standing in line – and waiting – for some of our favorite attractions.

Davesland Blog – Dave Decaro
Author Meredith Lyn Pierce has thoughtfully put this easy to carry paperback together in a very easy to follow format. Divided into lands/areas, almost every attraction is covered.

Imagineerding – George Taylor
The book is a nice addition to your touring plan of Disneyland. It is easy to carry around and will offer hours of enjoyment and fun while waiting in lines at Disneyland.

The Geek’s Library – Jason Dziegielewski
The book is well conceived and meets its desired goal of creating an engaging set of activities to keep you busy while you wait in line. I think it also helps to draw attention to some of the rich detail the Imagineers have placed in the queues and surrounding environments.

The Disney Driven Life – James Dolan
After reading the entire book for this review, I can say confidently that I can’t wait to be able to take it to Disneyland and use it. … I won’t leave home for Disneyland without it! It is definitely a “must-have” for me on my next trip to Disneyland.


Days in the Park – Chad Elliot
We loved how it was super easy to find exactly the Attraction that you were looking for, and it would make it super easy if, like us, you were looking to answer the questions for a particular Attraction rather than just going through the book from cover; though we’re almost sure that would be quite a lot of fun as well.

Amazon review (5 stars) – Carol Curtis
What a great idea, what a fun concept! It’s about time someone thought to give parents help with entertaining our youngsters as they wait “patiently” (yeah, sure) for the next exciting ride. I already got a copy and it’s terrific. I know the kids will love it because it’s written at their level and with their humor.

Amazon review (5 stars) – Jennifer A. Valencia
We bought this book for a recent trip to Disneyland, and it came in quite handy! It kept my daughter & her cousins occupied during a few “rough patches” in line. Also, it was compact enough to fit into my purse and my husband’s backpack. It seemed perfect for the 6, 7 and 8-year-old crowd in our group.

Amazon review (5 stars) – The Rebecca Review
…if you hate standing around in lines you need this book. It is great fun.

Amazon review (5 stars) – M. Kissel
Disney has such a way with magical details, but in our busy lives it’s so easy to over look the little things, or be busy on our cell phones and distracted. I think it will be a great way to see the happiest place on earth in a new, fun and slower way – watching for interesting things. It’s a great game – not just another “about Disneyland” book! Love it!


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