What People Are Saying About… The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom

By Aaron Wallace

TFG2coverWhat’s Going On In Heidi’s Head – Heidi Strawser

I have to say that this might be my favorite Disney book, to date! … I love Aaron Wallace’s writing style. It’s intelligent, with a hint of humorous mixed in for good measure.

The Geek’s Library – Jason Dziegielewski
I really enjoyed reading this book. It offers a different way to look at the park and its attractions, not your traditional guidebook route. I was curious going in to see what is considered a Thinking Fan’s guide… and as luck would have it they think us geeks think! … Also be sure to spend a few minutes checking out the footnotes. I found many of the observations, references there to be just as interesting as the main pieces of the book.

addtocartDisney Hipster Blog – Andrew Tipton
While I did know a great deal of the information provided, there was plenty of new insight to keep me turning the page. And that’s the thing here, The Thinking Fan’s Guide is insanely readable. Through personal experiences and opinions Wallace is able to keep the reader grounded in the real world, while still taking time to look back at the history of the attraction.

Estelle Hallick: This Happy Place
From his theories on how the Country Bears Jamboree could very well be a Jim Henson project or his comparison of Stitch’s Great Escape to (the dreaded) “Jersey Shore” reality show, Aaron injects his personality in all the right places and never shies away from being a little bit corny. (I think I may had shed a tear or two at the end. Not kidding.)

Rudy Maxa’s World
While you hardly need to know the history or various possible levels of meaning behind Disney’s attractions to enjoy the theme park, it’s fun to know that someone took a deeper look.

Orlando Theme Park News – Sam Carta
The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom is certainly a book we would highly recommend to you – all our Readers – regardless of how many times you have personally visited the parks here in Central Florida. In fact, this book will not only increase your knowledge of the rich history and all the great attractions that the Magic Kingdom Park offers, but will also entertain you and give you an overview of the park you love… from another fan’s perspective.

Ink and Paint Blog – Natalie Reiner
The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World is like giving every Disney Guest who reads it their own Disney historian as a guide.

[Wallace] is able to introduce attractions in a way that doesn’t make old WDW vets feel as though they are being talked down to, but also allows the uninitiated to understand what they are looking for without even having seen the actual attraction itself.

WDW Happy Place – A Brief Book Blurb by Anthony Markham
Personally, I have a new appreciation for several rides (Jungle Cruise, anyone?) thanks to the book.

The Midwest Book Review – Review by Editor-in-Chief James Cox
The descriptive, contemplative views of each ride are so comprehensive that The Thinking Fan’s Guide To Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom is recommended for erudite armchair travelers as it is for starry-eyed tourists!

WDWHints.com – Review by Chrissy (per Terry Miller)
Aaron Wallace did a great job researching and providing his readers with both historical and current information about each attraction. He gives a quick introduction about the attraction and then goes into great detail. He is truthful in his opinions, but also provides insight on why some of the lesser visited attractions still exist and how they are connected back to Walt Disney himself. Mr. Wallace also ties in a movie to each attraction.


Goodreads – Review by Lou Prosperi
I recommend this book to any and all fans of Disney parks in general, and fans of the Magic Kingdom in particular.

Amazon review (5 stars) – Mickey Morgan
Mr. Wallace doesn’t pull punches, giving honest and often humorous reviews of each attraction. … This book is about enjoying the depth of theming and history of the attractions, the next step in enjoying the parks on a deeper level.

Amazon review (5 stars) – Emily J. Silver
This is most certainly not a guidebook – this is an expertly crafted, brilliantly executed work that intelligently takes you through the inner workings of the whys of Disney.

Amazon review (5 stars) – Pedro Hernandez
[T]he way the book is presented is a huge plus. Each paragraph about an attraction starts off with its most basic information, and closes with a film recommendation to get you to further comprehend the concept behind an attraction, or provide a better idea of where and when Disney got an inspiration for the attraction. It’s little details like that make the book such a joy to read.

Amazon review (5 stars) – Escapay The First
“Thinking Fan’s Guide” is a well-written, contemporary and engaging read for parkgoers of today, but ten years down the line, its analyses and examinations will become even more interesting. This is a book to hold on to, not just for its fantastic treatise on theme parks as artistic narrative, but because the evolution of the theme park over time will make this book one that encapsulates a perspective that will change in years to come.
“The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom” is not just a guide. It’s a fairy tale of its own. Your “once upon a time” begins the moment you pick up the book, just as Wallace begins his tale in the timeless and enchanted land known as Magic Kingdom. As you go from land to land, you encounter heroes and villains, romance and high adventure, life and death. By the time you reach the book’s end – a stirring and eye-glistening “Wishes” finale – all the stories have come together in a celebration of the journey they and YOU have undertaken. And we all live happily ever after.

Amazon review (5 stars) – J. Foster
I have read plenty of books, fan sites, forums. I’ve listened to podcasts galore and read blog posts, and I am a travel agent and yet I still learned new things reading this book. This book will keep a complete newbie to Disney and the super fans both happy. The backstory of the attractions in the Magic Kingdom make the attractions so much better. This gives you all the information in one place so you don’t have to troll the internet to find things out. It is a great book and I can’t wait to see more from the other parks.



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