Spinning Disney’s World: Memories of A Magic Kingdom Press Agent

Spinning Disney’s World:
Memories of A Magic Kingdom Press Agent

by Charles Ridgway
Foreword by Rick Sylvain
Now in Paperback!
Published: April 2015
ISBN: 978-1-937011-42-0
242 pages  6″ x 9″
11 b/w photographs
Trade paperback
Printed in the U.S.A.
List Price
Cloth $24.95; paperback $15.95; ebook $9.99

‘Walt, Stand Over There!’

From opening day in Anaheim to opening day in Hong Kong, from Donald Duck’s fiftieth birthday bash to secret visits by royalty, from Walt Disney to Michael Eisner, Disney Legend Charlie Ridgway, a Disney press agent for forty years, has the scoop.

The man who told Walt where to stand for photos, helped usher in the era of electronic news gathering — and befriended generations of movie stars, television hosts, and news reporters — now shares his wry and revealing reminiscences of life in the world’s greatest Mickey Mouse outfit.

Now in paperback, this new edition includes a foreword by Rick Sylvain, Publicity Director/Public Relations at Walt Disney Resorts. Sylvain was hand-picked by Charlie as his successor.

“Ridgway was present at the creation of Disneyland and
Walt Disney World, and he spins wondrous tales.”
Bob Thomas, author of Walt Disney: An American Original

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