What People Are Saying About… Ears of Steel: The Real Man’s Guide to Walt Disney World

By Bart Scott

Ears_of_Steel_150dpiBob Sirott: WGN Radio
May be one of the strangest travel books ever written…A fun read and very helpful.

Oct. 15, 2013 – Library Journal
“… an excellent choice for anyone hoping to experience Disney as an unencumbered adult, male or female…” “There is also a laugh-out-loud chapter on the best restrooms in the park.”

Nov. 1, 2013 – Publishers Weekly
In this unconventional travel guide, Scott attempts to disprove the myth that Walt Disney World is only for children by “highlighting the most testosterone-filled, white-knuckling, chest-beating, manly attractions and activities.” He breaks down accommodation options by budget and details the pros and cons of the major resorts. The subsequent chapters are organized by park, including Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom, where Scott directs readers on precisely what to see in what order and what to skip. Scott’s descriptions take the reader right into the action, occasionally diminishing the element of surprise. His account of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror may induce vertigo. In Epcot’s World Showcase, Scott reports where to stop at each of the major pavilions to get the best food and drinks including La Cava de Tequila’s Blood Orange Margarita and Via Napoli’s artisanal pizzas, complete with instructions for a drinking game. Further tips include the rides to avoid after eating, getting into the special reserved seating for Fantasmic! and most importantly, where to find alcohol in the Magic Kingdom. He even rates the restrooms. Note: if you don’t like jokes about women bringing their husbands sandwiches, consider another guide.

Heidi Strawser: What’s Going On In… Heidi’s Head
I started reading it in bed at night.  And I laughed and laughed. I read excerpts of it out loud to my husband. Then, I took it with me on a trip to South Carolina. I sat on the plane reading it, and I laughed some more …

Jason Dziegielewski: DisneyGeek.com
“I have read more Disney Park guidebooks than I would want to try and count and cannot remember any making me laugh as much as this one.”

Deb Silhan: Focused on the Magic.com
“I just finished Ears of Steel by Bart Scott and I’m still laughing out loud.”

Natalie Reinert: That “Dis” Family
Ears of Steels accomplishes its goal with aplomb. It’s a guidebook tailor-made to ease the fears of the manly among us who think that Walt Disney World is one big sing-along of it’s a small world with plenty of princess meet-and-greets in the intermissions. And it’s funny: Scott dishes out excellent Disney advice with a serious sense of humor that might make you laugh out loud on a full flight from LaGuardia to MCO (I’m just saying.)

Natalie Henley: Meet the Magic, The Disney Moms.com
What I found in the book was wit and macho hilarium. In fact, I would love to meet the author, Bart, simply so I could see him using his humor first hand!

Christy Viszoki: WDW Radio
Methodically and logically, Mr. Scott examines what aspects of a WDW vacation would appeal to the most masculine member of the family, though is mindful that there also is a family coming along who may want to do things other than fish, eat, and hang out at the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

Jeanie Gallo-Ciscon: WDW Fan Zone
I promise, you WILL enjoy reading this book. Don’t tell Bart, but his book was even fun for me to read, and I’m a GIRL! So, be sure to grab a copy of Ears of Steel soon!

Amazon reviews – 5 stars:

Jonathan W. Eadler: Absolutely loved this book. Was a really fun read. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… well maybe not cry. Had a great time giggling my way through this book while people looked at me funny.

Mags: Think Disney is just for the Kiddies think again. This book will show you that you can enjoy all there is to offer no matter what your age is. Sometimes you just have to let go.

A. Jack: This book is a call to all men to get over yourself and enjoy Walt Disney World. Bart Scott not only shows you how to create a memorable trip for your family, but one that you will enjoy yourself. As a dad of two daughters, I found this book to be right on par with my personal experiences, and easy to put into practice.

Nellabeaner: It’s aimed at the husband, boyfriend or manly man in your life, but as a female I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just a warning, you may laugh out loud. A lot!

Ana Maria: Just finished Ears of Steel and was sad when I got to the end! It really feels like you are going through the parks with Bart. I’ve been to the parks more times than i can count and he really knows his stuff! He proves that Disney is more than princesses and kids stuff. His advice is spot on and really funny too! Great book to help you plan your next trip or just to re-read the next time you’re craving a lil Disney magic!

VonDrake07: After reading Bart Scott, I found myself reflecting upon the wisdom of the great philosopher Red Green: I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to. I guess. AS LONG AS I GET TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD!

Laurel L: Bart has done a phenomenal job at taking a “childish” place and making it appealing chest beating men who don’t really “get” how going to the parks is fun for them too, much like the one I’m married to! I will be passing this along and sending some as Christmas gifts this year.

Heather K: The author does a fabulous job of capturing his passion for Walt Disney World, while being informative and light and simultaneously not sugar coating anything. This book is a fantastic resource for a first time guest, or a fun way to pass the time between trips for Disney park veterans like myself. BUY THIS BOOK! You won’t be disappointed!

alaska1045: What I found in the book was whit and macho hilarium. In fact, I would love to meet the author, Bart, simply so I could see him using his humor first hand! The book was great at presenting excitement for attractions from a man’s perspective.

MadWiMouse: This book is great! Very fun, entertaining read providing a man’s view if all things WDW. Great for ladies to read to so you are armed with plenty of “guy friendly facts” while traveling to WDW or trying to sell your man on a trip. I have been to WDW plenty of times, but learned a bunch from this book ;).

Heather_K: I love this book! The author does a fabulous job of capturing his passion for Walt DIsney World, while being informative and light and simultaneously not sugar coating anything. This book is a fantastic resource for a first time guest, or a fun way to pass the time between trips for Disney park veterans like myself. BUY THIS BOOK! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Goofyfigment: This book is aimed at the MAN in your life but as a female i enjoyed it very much. Bart shows those manly men that Disney can be fun for anyone. So strap on some Mickey Ears, grab a Mickey Bar and enjoy!!!!

Geekarino: Wonderful book whether you’re a Disney fanatic or not. Fun, funny and informative. I went to Walt Disney World last fall and still found a lot of this book eye opening to things that I never noticed or thought would be available to a man. Going to use it as a guide for this years vacation to Walt Disney World.

Dennis: Just finished Ears of Steel last night and was really impressed! I’ve read almost every book on Disney out there and Mr. Scott managed to cover Disney material with a fresh take. Any Disney fan or one about to be will enjoy, laugh and learn about the Magic that is Disney!

laura74: Let me preface this by saying I am 1. a woman and 2. not obsessed with Disney. That being said, I read this book cover to cover on a long plane ride and actually laughed out loud in my seat many times. I have been to Disney a few times and Bart Scott’s descriptions of his experiences on some of the attractions were so spot on. It was a great trip down Memory lane for me and also lit my fire to go back to Disney – specifically for the Epcot Food and Wine festival. Can’t wait to read the next one!

Bill Burke: From the moment I started reading “Ears of Steel” I felt like I was actually on a Walt Disney World vacation with Bart Scott. He’s the real-deal: He tells readers what he’s thinking and feeling as he takes readers on a guided tour of WDW. He shows us what’s to love and what leaves him a bit cold, and that’s the best part: He has opinions about the place – good and bad – but his affection for Disney shines through.
While the front of the book may tell you it’s a ‘real man’s guide,’ don’t be fooled – this book is really for anyone who has been or is planning to go to Walt Disney World. Bart may like to eat of the beef and toss back a stein or seven, but as you read between the lines you realize he’s whistling the theme from Illuminations while doing so. Throughout the book Bart uses a strong voice and character that provides an easy, fun entry into what can be a complicated and intimidating planning process. He knows every corner of the World, and he takes us along, providing plenty of laughs and tons of great info the whole way. His way – the real man’s way – of approaching Walt Disney World shows skeptics that it can be an absolute blast, and yet those who already love the place can hop on board for a vicarious tour through the parks, restaurants and endless experiences throughout the vacation kingdom.
There are official travel guides that outline the attractions, how to go about attacking the parks, etc., but “Ears of Steel” takes you right inside it all. It’s like having you’re own VIP tour guide, complete with great information, insider secrets and endless laughs.
Read the book and you’ll get to know Bart. You’ll be glad you did.







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