What People Are Saying About… Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World

By Meredith Lyn Pierce

LTDWThe Geek’s Library – Jason Dziegielewski
The idea I like most about this book is along the way you pick up on some of the details that you may have overlooked before and it is those details that put Disney parks on another level compared to others.

Chip & Company – Chip Confer
This book is going to be a perfect read before our upcoming trip this summer. I look forward to learning new ways to have fun in line and sharing the details with you!

Walt Disney World Hints – Amy Bilsky
I was incredibly impressed with Lots To Do In Line: Walt Disney World and think it will be a great addition to any trip to Walt Disney World. Adults and children will enjoy the games and will see things that even the biggest Disney fan may not have noticed. I highly recommend it! For those Disneyland fans, there is also Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland.

Susan’s Disney Family
Quizzes and scavenger/treasure hunts keep your mind moving in case the line you’re in isn’t. I’ve found myself flipping though the book and trying to answer as many questions as I can but I quickly put the book down because I don’t want to spoil the fun. Not that standing in line is fun but with Lots to Do in Line in my possession it made it a lot easier!

Inside the Magic – Natalie Henley
Not only will the entertainment offer you fun, but it will also help you notice and appreciate some of the extra details found in the queues!

What’s Going On In… Heidi’s Head – Heidi Strawser
Over the years, I have read many suggestions to take hand-held video games to keep your kids busy while waiting in long lines and I’ve often thought “what a sad commentary of our times”.  First of all, Disney does make the lines fun.  But, if you add this book to your packing list, you’ll have even more fun and you can enjoy it together AS A FAMILY!  After all, isn’t that what Disney is all about?  

Tropic Home and Family – Holly Ambrose
I love the idea of Lots To Do In Line not only because it saves you from a boring wait, but because family vacation time is precious — and if you spend a chunk of that time in line, here is a way to capture your kids’ attention and imagination and really make that time count. Instead of staring ahead and zoning out, you can engage your family.

Disney Gals
Believe me when I say that on our next visit, we will be immersed in the magic in a completely new way with our eyes wide open to all that surrounds us.

Mouseplanet.com – Walt Disney World Trivia and Activity Books Reviewed
The details considered in this well-organized guide are impressive, particularly for a first edition.

A Disney Mom’s Thoughts – Beth Green
This book will help all kids, of any age, entertained while waiting in lines.  I believe it will help cut back on all the complaints and “I’m bored” comments as families wait in lines!

Amazon Review (5 Stars) – Caterina Dagrosa
This book is a FABULOUS idea! My kids HATE waiting in line, so this is right up my alley. The book is super well-written, clever, funny, and very entertaining. The descriptions and instructions are crystal clear, and you can practically imagine each spot in line at each ride. I found that even I myself was engaged- trying to remember the details of the giant guitar outside the Aerosmith Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios, and of the details of the Three Caballeros attraction at Epcot, for example. I recommend this book to any and every one who is going to Disney World with kids (and even without!).

Amazon Review (5 Stars) – Brenna55
A great way to entertain kids in the long Disney line ups! Full of fun facts and even funner games to keep your children entertained.

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